Learn how to build a serverless pipeline (of sorts?!!) to deploy a website which hosts a global video stream using Amazon IVS and Amazon S3.

Get yourself broadcasted to the world…. in minutes!


If you want to skip the read and hit the Github repository with quick instructions:



When you think about how human interaction has changed over the last year due to COVID-19, it’s unmistakable how a technology as omnipresent as video has helped us all stay sane, communicate and most of all work remotely. …

It’s a nice sunny day. You’re sitting outside and a gentle, cool breeze is sweeping across the top of the trees.

A calm, peaceful day out! (PC: unplash.com)

All of a sudden, a light bulb turns on over your head(a figurative one). You finally have a solution for fixing that pesky bug that had kept you up many nights, but before you can test out your awesome idea you need to test it out on an Amazon Linux 2 AMI, particularly, since that’s the de facto development environment your company uses.

You’re pretty savvy with the AWS CLI, however, your joy turns into annoyance as you realize…

Moosa Khalid

Hi My name is Moosa. I love infrastructure as code and party parrot emojis. More often then not you'll find me breaking things before I can get them to work!

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